Volunteers needed for these positions!

Gate Admissions Manager:  Sandra Hult 

Gate Workers (to be done in shifts)
7 to  9 am __Peggy Payne___
9 to 11 am ____________________
11 to 1 pm –  Kay Gschwind
1 to 3 pm _____________________
7 to  9 am ____________________
9 to 11 am ____________________
11 to 1 pm ____________________
1 to 3 pm ____________________

~Horse Show – Mr. John Hammond 
~Horse Pull –  _______________________

Clinic/Lecture coordinator   Leah Haney

Barn Manager    Ms. Shirla Williams

Show Arena Gate Keepers (3)
__Dave Kluge____
__Roxanne Cromhecke Kluge
__Jeorgia O’Connor

Ring Steward       Mr. Brad Busch

Paddock Master _Ms. Sue Bibb

Clerk for farm classes and pull –

Show Manager _________________

Camping coordinator – Lavada Pidcock

Hook up camping coordinator – Mitch Eakin

Shavings & Feed Delivery – Chris Pidcock

Photographer – Ric Anderton

Horse Pull Judge – The Honorable Ryland Moore

We need volunteers!  Are you interested in volunteering?  Send us an email, let us know what you’d like to help with, or if you need more information about what help is needed.  And thanks!