Horse Show Class Descriptions

Val and her boys

Considering that the Spectacular will be the first horse show for some folks, we’d like to get as much information out as possible about the events and classes.  Here are brief descriptions of each class; we hope this helps!  If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Bonnie McCutcheon at 540-605-6311  or – or send us your questions via the contact page on this site.

Horse Pull Classes:  Class 30 and class 29 are both horse pull classes.  In each class the horse / horses will be hooked to a loaded sled.  After each entry has pulled the same load, additional weight will be added to the sled.  Specifics, rules and regulations relative to the pull will be given at the drivers meeting preceding the event.  Winner is the horse or team pulling the most weight the longest distance.

Halter Classes:

Young Handler #1.  This class is open to children.  It is divided into two divisions.  In each class the handler is being judged, not the horse.  The “a” division must have an adult in the ring with them but the adult may not do the setting up, etc. for them.  The “b” division does not need to have an adult but an adult may go into the ring with them.  Horses will work as directed by the judge.

Classes 2 through 16.  Each horse will be presented in the ring by a handler on the line.  At the discretion of the judge the horses will move in a pattern designated by the judge.  Walk toward, trot away, stop at cone, etc.  This is not a pattern class but the pattern is necessary to judge the movement of the horse.  Each horse will be presented in either a halter or a bridle.  Horses do not have to be braided.  Presentation requires that horse, handler and attire be clean, neat and workman-like.  Fancy is not necessary.

Classes 12, 13 and 14 – Champion Stallions, Mares and Geldings.  The winner and second-place horse in each of the halter classes 2 through 8 will compete in their respective Champion class.  Champion classes have NO ENTRY FEE.

Class 17 – Best Foot.  The hooves of the horse will be judged on the basis of substance to size of the horse, condition, trim and overall appearance.  The hooves may be shod or unshod.  If shod, consideration will be given to the shoeing job done.

Class 18 – Lead Line.  Open to youngsters 12 years of age and younger.  Horse will be led by parent or handler.  Horse will be ridden bareback, English or Western.

Classes 19 and 24 – Ridden Suffolk, Hunter and Ridden Suffolk, Western.  Horses will move both ways of the ring.  Horses will be asked to walk and trot both ways of the ring at the discretion of the judge.  Will be asked to back.

Classes 20 and 23 – Farm Team Class and Single Farm Horse.  Horses will be presented in full harness.  They will be ground driven by the driver and perform as requested by the judge.  They will be judged on responsiveness, suitability and appearance.

Class 21 – Single Horse to Vehicle.  Horses will be presented to either a forecart, cart or a 4 wheeled vehicle.  Will work as directed by the judge both ways of the ring.

Class 23 – Youth Driver.  Driver must be 17 years of age or younger.  All drivers 12 years old or younger MUST have an adult on the vehicle with them.  Drivers over 12 years of age may have an adult with them.  They will be asked to perform both ways of the ring and at the discretion of the judge.

Classes may be combined if deemed necessary.

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