Got Questions? Here’s who to ask…

Hello Everyone!  We are exactly TWO WEEKS from experiencing this remarkable confluence of supporters, admirers, owners and breeders of Suffolk Punch horses in North America held in Dublin, VA at the North American Suffolk Punch Spectacular!  Lots of folks have submitted their registration forms, but we’ve heard from many people that are still wanting to know what this Horse Show is all about, and need more information so they can make plans to be here…

We’d like to make it very easy to get those last-minute questions answered correctly so everyone interested gets the right information straight from the primary coordinators.  Those two people are:  Jason Rutledge – his email is and his telephone number is 540-798-1828; and Bonnie McCutcheon – her email is and her telephone number is 540-605-6311.

The North American Suffolk Punch Spectacular is not an American Suffolk Horse Association event.  Although the ASHA is a major advertiser and their Annual dinner meeting is being held in conjunction with this event, the Southern Suffolk Punch Gathering Group is the organizer.  If you call the ASHA office, they should direct your questions to the coordinators listed above.

You can also go to the Contact page on this website and send us your questions; we will respond promptly!

Hope to see a lot of new faces (as well as old ones) in a couple of weeks!

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