Making it easy – Paypal instructions for admission forms etc.

Hey there folks, we’re starting to get registration and entry forms rolling in and it’s looking good!  Just wanted to send out a reminder to those of you planning to come or not yet decided: Just do it, do it now!   We’ve got three weeks to get everyone registered and signed up for dinners, events, stall reservations, hay and bedding orders etc.  This event is going to be SO MUCH fun, you won’t want to miss it!

We’ve had several people ask if they can send their fees via Paypal instead of mailing a check, and the answer is a resounding YES!  You must of course have a Paypal account (free and easy to set up) and the process is simple; as you fill out your forms, total up all fees and instead of including a check, print out the Paypal transaction receipt and put that in the envelope with your forms.   We need that to help us keep track of what’s been paid for.

Our Paypal address is:

Don’t forget to include a printout of your Paypal payment with your forms!  We hope this helps make things easier for everyone, and keep those entries coming!


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