October 4, 5 and 6, 2019 will mark another milestone for the Suffolk Punch in North America.

The Southern Suffolk Punch Gathering Group will again host a three day weekend of clinics, discussions, meals, meetings and the second Horse Show featuring only Suffolk Punch horses on this continent. The overall theme of this event is Save This Breed II and the meeting & dinner Saturday night will feature speakers addressing genetics, artificial insemination, preparation of the mare for AI and facilities in the United States and Canada that do AI.

This event will be held at the New River Valley Fairgrounds in Dublin, Virginia. There will be classes of field performance driving, logging, plowing and pulling, a full range of in-hand showing events, and many demonstrations of skill and culture related to the Suffolk Punch horse.

A proposed schedule can be viewed on the Schedule of events page and will be open for development as the time nears.  We are seeking sponsorships of classes and the event if you have any interest in supporting the event and breed. It is our hope that this can once again be the largest gathering of this extremely rare breed ever in modern history.

Please stay in touch with this website for further details.

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